You have inherited a network design, and need to implement i

You have inherited a network design, and need to implement it ASAP. It is not the best architected, but you have no time for a redesign.Initial Network Requirements:4 Class C networks (192.168.n.0)4 departmentseach on their own networkSoftware DevelopmentHuman Resources (HR)IT SupportSales and MarketingEach network will, near term, have no more than 30 hostsAssume the four networks will initially have 6,3,4, and 9workstations respectivelyAssume each network (department) also has its own networked printer1 Class B backbone (172.16.n.0) (fast Ethernet)Each department will be connected to the backbone by their owngatewayAll PCs will need to communicate with each otherOnly PCs in their own (sub)network can print to their printer (BonusChallenge)Design to be upgradeable:Number of Networks may increase to about 50 maximum4 of the future networks may grow to about 400-450 hosts – butnever more than500Remaining networks will never expand beyond 50 hosts per networkThe backbone will be upgraded to a 1Gb or 10Gb network from the current Fast Ethernet (100M)Might be copper, might be fiberopticDeliverables:Complete high-level description of the initial network withdiagrams and addressesfor all devicesClearly document an algorithm so PCs, printers (otherequipment?) can easily and systematically added to the networkwith a proper, unique IP addresse.g. workstations will be within an address range,printers in another, etc.Assign initial addresses to the workstations, printers, and anyother network hardware using the above algorithmDocument how networks or subnets will be addressed (numbered)Description of routing tables required for the initial systemHigh levelMay use notation similar to class presentation for GCCDiscussion of how the network can be upgradedChanges to network to handle new workstations and networksWhere changes aren’t neededThis initial design is not idealDiscuss where the design could be improvedSpecifically the addressing scheme