You did this paper for me part by part and now I just need t

You did this paper for me part by part and now I just need the abstract and the methods partthis paper content that you wrote seems to be about ‘Factors that Parents Consider in Choosing Schooling Systemfor Their Children’ and the topic was ‘the effects of school type on performance’I changed the topic and the research became a qualitative research and I want you please to change any part that need changes to work with the new topic. ( take a look for everything so you can work on the final parts clearly) Abstract: This is a 150 word summary of your entire proposal, with sentences summarizing each section. If you are replicating and extending a previous study, ensure that you state this in the abstract. Introduction Done Literature Review Done Method: The methods section should follow the APA guidelines as appropriate to the study. Sub-headings within methods will likely include the following: 1- Research Design:Type of studySpecific DesignThreats to validity and how they are being addressed2- Participants: such as setting, subjects, interventionists per APA (as applicable)Key demographics and sample size- Type of sampling3- Measures:include any tests or surveys that you plan to use. (Since this is NOT a measure development class, my expectation is that you will use extant (pre-existing) measures.Each measure that will be used gets it own section (paragraph)Description- Sample item- Validity- Reliability4- Intervention/Treatment: include control or comparison (alternate or “business as usual” treatment) if applicable to your study5- Procedures: (when applicable, should include study procedures, data collection procedures, scoring procedures, fidelity of treatment procedures, validity) 6- Procedures for Ethical Considerations:procedures used to ensure adherence to human subjects protocolProtecting confidentiality- Risks- Benefits- Statement of IRB application7- Proposed Preliminary Data Analysis:statistical or coding procedures to be used to analyze data What methods of analysis will be needed for your data?Be sure the IVs and DVs are clearly definedNames of statistical tests and the hypothesis that they will testT-testANOVARegression References: APA format