You are part of a space life expedition team that has been s

You are part of a space life expedition team that has been studying the living creatures on the planet GH-234 for the past five years.  You must create a presentation to give at the upcoming Space Life Science Expo to scientists who do not know anything about GH-234.Your presentation needs to focus on one biome on GH-234 that is similar to a biome you would find on Earth.  Your presentation should include a written explanation ofan explanation of one food web that you discovered in that biome.You will need to create the names and descriptions of the organisms in that food web and describe how they interact with each other and with the environment in that biome.the type of environment (non-living factors)in that biome.After the expo there is a discussion with other space life scientists. You must write your opinion about how human life on GH-234 would affect the organisms from the biome you reported on. You are to prepare two questions to ask the other scientists about GH-234.  These questions can be about living or non-living factors on GH-234.i have did this assignmentmy work 20150306050608biomework.docxmy teacher said What about other abiotic factors: humidity/ rain/ snow? Are there seasons? Average temps? Also, the assignment asks for a food WEB, what you have presented (very well and in great detail) is a food Chain. just fix it