You are now ready to make a final edit and proofread of your

You are now ready to make a final edit and proofread of your revised draft. At this stage, you have already made substantive revisions to your work. You are now fine-tuning your writing to ensure you have correct grammar and punctuation and that there are no other errors. Congratulations!To prepare for this Assignment:Review the Learning Resources on proofreading.Review the Learning Resources on grammar and punctuation.The Assignment:Revise the three paragraphs from the Week 6 Assignment again, ensuring you have completed a full and careful proofreading of your 1- to 2-page evaluative narrative. Make certain to submit a clean copy of your work without any track changes or comments by either yourself or your Instructor.By Day 7Submit your Assignment using the Walden Course Paper template. Your final draft should be 1-2 pages long.Monica, you are on the right track here, but I am seeing quite a few unclear sentences. Remember to aim for simple and clear. You want to make sure your readers can easily follow your content.Also, please see my notes about your sources and documentation. They are very important. You can find my feedback in the ´╗┐´╗┐attached file. Thank you so much!Crystal