Write 5 pages thesis on the topic who are the animals in animal experiments

The ill management on the part of the government to protect the rights of living creatures other than humans and negligence in following established policies on the part of scientists. This also aims to point out the general ineffectiveness of the Animal Welfare Act when it comes to protecting the rights of animals. The article written by Aysha Akhtar is taken from the Huffington Post.&nbsp.

In the editorial piece, the author makes claim about animal abuse and experimentation which is first opened with accounts of personal experience at a neuroscience conference. (par.1) The general ineffectiveness of the system to protect the rights of animals and the loopholes in the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) discriminates not only in the categorization of animals but those violating the code facing minimal charges for the infraction. (par. 10) Giving an account of the Harvard Medical School violation which is an institute of great prestige that got away with breaking a law by paying a penalty which proved of no effect since the tax funding and open funds to such test laboratories and medical institutions are generously available and a few thousand dollars fine is no strict punishment which might inhibit them to commit the act again which is a logical reason because if only financial punishments are imposed then such institutions have enough funding available to get away with any sort of crime. Money is not the answer here.

The writer claims that the experiments done on animals are not effective and they do not increase the possibility of obtaining treatments. (par.4) Her claim is supported by the fact that all the experiments are conducted in underground or hidden labs which make it difficult to trace down the happening. The operations or testing they are made to go through only scar them physically and psychologically. The claims made are backed by reason that, behind the ignorance on animal abuse in testing labs can opt to the fact that consciously and unconsciously due to the human nature and psychology we account anyone in white lab coats as a person who is reasonable to make decent choices and act with responsibility. The white-collar and conforming behavior dictates.

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