Write 1 page literature review (Academic paper, other survey

Write 1 page literature review (Academic paper, other surveys studies exists on similar topic) using APA style.The studies from reliable sources like (World Bank or other sources) found should be submit with the literature review. The studies preferred to be recent about importance of human capital in growth, in Singapore If not any other countries in the world that have similar story of development.The Topic:The Development of Singapore The country of Singapore, or formally known as the Republic of Singapore, is a highly developed and successful free-market economy. They are also considered one of the least corrupt countries according to Transparency International. However, they were not always in this successful state in economic development. Around fifty years ago, Singapore had a GDP Per Capita of as low as $320. Their GDP per capita now is more than $80,000.I would like to propose and examine the following research question, “what is the role of human capital in growth?” How to implement the other studies:Example: Professor notice: the literature review should structure more according to the information that is relevant to your topic. Only describe the other papers in so far as they are related to your research question. For example, if one report talks about education and prior work experience. That report might be included in your literature as follows:Previous research suggests that education is not the only critical factor in employment outcomes. Prior work experience plays a large role in an individual’s subsequent labor market success (citation).