Which factors influence the dietary patterns and behaviors o

Which factors influence the dietary patterns and behaviors of the typical college student? What factors have been the greatest influences on your eating behaviors? Why is it important to recognize influences on your diet as you think about changing eating behaviors?What are the six major food groups in MyPyramid? From which groups do you eat too few servings? What can you do to increase or decrease your intake of selected food groups? How can you remember the six groups?What are the major types of nutrients that you need to obtain from the foods you eat? What happens if you fail to get enough or some of them? Are there significant differences between the sexes in particular areas of nutrition?Distinguish between the different types of vegetarianism. Which types are most likely to lead to nutrient deficiencies? What can be done to ensure that even the most strict vegetarian receives enough of the major nutrients?What are functional foods? What are the major functional foods discussed in this chapter? What are their reported benefits, if any?What are the major problems that many college students face when trying to eat the right foods? List five actions that you could take immediately to improve your eating.