Week 5 Discussion 1’Unofficial Actors’ Based on the lecture,

Week 5 Discussion 1’Unofficial Actors’ Based on the lecture, address the following:Many members of the news media say that they are just a “mirror” of society and that they simply reflect what happens in society. They would argue that their influence is relatively small. Using the Anti-Bullying Policy as an example, take a position on whether you agree or disagree with this position. Families may be considered as unofficial actors in many federal and state policies, discuss a policy issue where unofficial actors have made a significant presence in changing a federal or state policy. Justify your response with examples.Week 5 Discussion 2Using your research from the e-Activity, briefly identify: (a) your interest group policy area; (b) the number of groups that you found; (c) a specific interest group for a more focused review; and (d) the amount of power and influence of this specific interest group. Imagine you belong to an interest group that advocates for a particular policy you care about. Using the e-Activity from Week 4 (President Trump’s Budget document), recommend the best venue for seeking attention to your policy issues, and state your reasons for your selection(s)Week 5 EActivitySearch the Internet for interest groups on an issue of importance to you. One way to make sure you get interest groups is to ask Google to search only sites that end in org. For example, if you were interested in endangered species, you would enter into Google this search: endangered species site: .org. Be prepared to discuss.Research the internet for Anti-Bullying policy and be prepared to discuss.Week 4 EACTIVITYVisit the link to President Donald Trump’s first budget to Congress at America First – A Budget to Make America Great Again. Be prepared to discuss.