Reference:ÿNTC362 Table Template Week FourScenario:ÿThe IT leadership team has determined that the college will add another satellite campus.ÿ The additional campus will have a Learning Center with 20 computers and 10 classrooms.ÿ Each classroom will have one computer for the instructor and a wireless access point to serve students.ÿIn preparing to hand over day-to-day support of the Learning Center to the school’s IT department, you have been asked to create a Troubleshooting Tool Guide that identifies tools (including some of the free tools that you discovered in your research), that can be used to troubleshoot the following types of issues:Connection to the ISPRouters and SwitchesWireless access pointsNetwork cablingIP addressing problemsvLAN problemsPrepareÿa 2-3 page table using Microsoft?ÿWord or Microsoft?ÿExcel?.ÿ Include the following column headings for the table:Issue TypeTroubleshooting ToolExampleIn the table, identify tool(s) that could be used.ÿ Also give an example from the labs, videos, or readings of how to use the tool.In addition to the troubleshooting guide, research and recommend an appropriate network monitoring solution for the campus.ÿ Discuss how such a solution will allow the IT department to move from providing mostly reactive support to more proactive support.Formatÿyour document consistent with APA guidelines.Include at least four references, two of which must come from course materials.Submitÿyour assignment using the Assignment Files tab.