Week 2 – Discussion 2 – Values, Skills, andKnowledgeTo wor

Week 2 – Discussion 2 – Values, Skills, andKnowledgeTo work in the field of human services,individuals must possess a unique blend of personal and professional values,skills, and knowledge. Using Table 4.1 as a reference, provide an overview ofthe structure and content of the helping relationship. Discuss thecharacteristics of an effective human service worker in relation to the A.S.K.pyramid, describe how each of these levels of the pyramid are of equalimportance in human services, and explain how this differs from otherfields.  How would clients be disadvantaged, for example, by anunsympathetic, inflexible, unskilled worker?FIGURE 4.1 The pyramid model of the components of thehelping relationshipKNOWLEDGESKILLSATTITUDES & VALUES