UV Data Analysis


Create a paper that explains the U-V levels in your zip code. This should include data collection from January 14th to April 14th. 

 Visit the UV Index forecast map https://www.epa.gov/sunsafety/uv-index-1 

Enter your zip code or city name and state and log the UV Index forecast for your community for seven days. Days listed in attached file. Graph the UV Index forecast versus time (days). How does the UV index vary day-to-day? Record any noticeable trends or significant observations.

The paper should be organized as follows:

Title Page


Table of Contents



   1. Material and Methods

   2. Data Collection

   3. Data Analysis

   4. Results


   discuss how results you present can possibly affect the people in your zip code area.


   Data Sheets

   Data Analysis  To include: mean, mode, median, range, standard deviation, frequency distribution, graphing, same variance, moving average

   Map of Macon, Georgia 31216

   Demographics of Macon, Georgia 31216

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