Using the topic you have chosen for your course project, stu

Using the topic you have chosen for your course project, study theguidelines for thesis statements in this module, and then write anoutline following the model below.An introduction ending in a transition sentence that leads to your Thesis Statement Body Paragraph 1Your Major Points – The facts that you are using to prove your main point.Your Supporting Details – The examples, facts, quotations,etc. that further explain and back up each major point. You should haveseveral for each major point.Your Transitions – The statement or information you will useto transition from one major point to the next. This stops your paperfrom sounding jumpy or disorganized.Body Paragraph 2Major pointsSupporting detailsTransitionsBody Paragraph 3Major pointsSupporting detailsTransitionsConcluding Thoughts – Any thoughts that you would like toinclude at the close of your paper to wrap things up and tie it alltogether, but never include new facts or information in your conclusion.You might summarize or restate your thesis.Your outline must:Be typed in Microsoft Word. Be double-spaced, with one space after punctuation between sentencesContain no breaks between sectionsHave 1” margins on all sidesBe in 12 pt. Times New Roman font