Using Business Visuals



Examine and design visual media communication to produce effective business materials.


You are a website designer and are currently being considered as the designer for a complete redesign of a medical facility’s website page. They have not updated their website in over 15 years due to the lack of staff. The website needs the redesign to target the specific visual preferences of patients and medical clients. They have several other designers that they are interviewing, and you decide to create a presentation to impress them to choose you as their website designer.

As you begin your presentation, you decide that your design will include the following visual concepts and elements: Visual      Organization Visual      Simplicity Visual      Interactivity Charts      and Graphs Images

In designing these visual elements, you keep the target audience of patients and medical clients as the main focus. You carefully consider what these types of people wish to see at a medical facility. You also consider what visual elements will attract the eye, and yet enhance a specific mood and emotional response for viewers. 

After creating the website, you create talking points of your explanation for your visual design choices.

The Talking Points should address the following

1. Thoroughly analyzes effects of visual organization and simplicity on a patient target audience.

2. Thoroughly analyzes effects of visual interactive elements on a patient target audience.

3. Thoroughly analyzes effects of graphs/charts elements on a patient target audience.

4. Thoroughly analyzes effects of visual images on the moods and emotions of a patient target audience.