u5L1C-Examine the effects of Jane Eyre being published under

u5L1C-Examine the effects of Jane Eyre being published under a pseudonym. Did it help or hurt the image and success of the novel? Choose a viewpoint and support your view. Did your classmates choose the same viewpoint?U5L1J-Recall the questions from the Getting Started activity about ‘weirdness in the ordinary.’ Think of some other books, movies, or stories where this is a part of the text. You could consider something like the Harry Potter stories, for example. Do you think the weirdness in the ordinary is a good hook to get you interested in a story? Why or why not? Take a position and defend your view with specific references to another book, movie, or story, and share your thoughts.u5l2c-‘Money can’t buy happiness’ is a quote that is used quite often. Is it true in Jane Eyre? Choose at least 2 characters from different social classes and discuss whether their wealth played a role in their mood.Lesson Assignment – AllusionsComplete the attached assignment. Show all work and then submit it by saving, digitally photographing, or scanning and then uploading to your teacher.Allusions play a major role in setting the scene of Jane Eyre. On this chart, list the allusions you have found, define and describe them, and note where in the text they are located.U5L2J-Would Mrs. Reed and her children treat Jane differently if she were a boy? If so, how and why? If not, why not