Two different questions and one research essay

Module 3 DQ 1?ÿ To what extent can genetics and/or maternal environment affect the development of personality or other cognitive traits? Explain your position. 300 words or more excluding references. Due date 5-26-2017Module 3 DQ 2?ÿ Neuronal plasticity is the foundational theory that addresses how the brain adapts following injury, though all parts of the brain may not exhibit the same level of neuroplasticity. Which parts of the brain exhibit the greatest levels of neuroplasticity? Support your position. 300 words or more excluding references. ÿDue date 5-27-2017AssignmentNeurons and the Nervous System ResearchDue Date: May 30, 2017 18:00 6 pmDetails:Research on the nervous system is controversial. In this assignment, you will explore nervous system research and the controversies surrounding it.Directions:Write a paper of 1,000-1,250 words that summarizes the current research on the nervous system and the controversies surrounding this research. Include the following in your paper:?ÿ A brief review of the current empirical research regarding the construction of the nervous system and its role in shaping behavior.?ÿ A discussion of the controversies surrounding research on the nervous system.?