Throughout the course you will be working with im

Throughout the course you will be working with improvements to the Bedford Campus and its satellite campus in Mayberry. The Bedford Campus, with its 12 full-time employees and two classrooms, has recently increased its online enrollment to 1,500 students working asynchronously. This increase in student enrollment has caused a significant slowdown in network connectivity in the classrooms. Reports have stated that it can take up to twenty minutes (and sometimes longer) to get connected to the online classroom or to get to the Internet. While on campus, students are only able to access campus resources on school computers. The campus does not have a wireless network that would allow for students to use their own personal devices (BYOD). Your team has been tasked with determining the root cause of these issues. The analysis should begin by taking a holistic view of the network to understand the topology. Then, progress through the layers of the OSI model to find the issues(s). Also, look for potential choke points that could cause a significant network slowdown. After locating the potential cause of the issues(s), design a network which solves the performance problem(s). Develop a 1-page network diagram using Microsoft? Visio? (or one of the free network diagramming programs you researched in Week One) with improvements that address the performance issues you have discovered. Assumptions can be made for anything not specifically stated above nor shown in the current network diagram in order complete the assignment. The finished diagram should address the following areas: Connection to the ISP Routers and Switches Wireless Access Points Any new hardware Any new network cabling IP addressing strategy vLAN strategy