This is the briefGive details of the features you would exp

This is the brief:Give details of the features you would expect to find in a computerisedaccounting system and how these features give advantages and save time overdoing tasks manually. You will need to do your own research for this. Your Sagebooks cover many features of a typical accounting system. You should write aminimum of 900 words and a maximum of 1100 words. You must include the wordcount at the end of your assignment. If you have a references section at theend of your work, this does not count towards the word count.Youwill be marked on:Content (80%):• You must consider the limited word length available• You may choose to go into few features in detail or more features with lessdetail. However, each feature must be explained. A simple list with no orlittle detail is not acceptable• The grammar and spelling. If it does not make sense, your mark will becorrespondingly considerably reduced• References have been clearly identifiedStructure and presentation (20%):• Clear titles and headings• Clear introduction saying what the assignment is about• Main section divided logically into the different features identified withappropriate use of paragraphs to separate ideas. Lots of very short disjointedparagraphs indicate that thought has not been given adequately given to thechoice of material and organisation of the assignment• Appropriate choice of font size and line/paragraph spacing make the documenteasy to read• Conclusion summarising main advantages• A word count has been provided at the end of the assignment