This is a Three (3) essay assignment, essay #1) Essay #1 (50

This is a Three (3) essay assignment, essay #1) Essay #1 (500words)Required Forum Four – Who’s more sympathetic to students? A socio-cultural explanation of student understandings of academic culture …. From Lives on the Boundary by Mike RoseWhatis the nature of Marita’s problem, according to Rose? What about Lucia?How are their problems related to each other, if they are?Oneinteresting difference between this selection and the ‘Stories from theFront’ is that Rose offers descriptions of Marita’s and Lucia’s lifesituation outside of school. Why is this important to do (if it isimportant to do)? By contrast, McGrath and Spear are completely silenton these sorts of details. Why is that?Studentsfrequently report finding Rose’s description of Marita and Lucia’sympathetic’ while finding McGrath and Spear’s ‘stories’ unsympatheticand demeaning to students. Is that fair? To what do you attribute thatresponse? If Rose has the problem right, what’s his solution? Does he have one? Essay # 2 (500words)Required Forum Five- Assessments of Deviance Are Controversial Assessing the extent of deviance in modern societies is methodologically and sociologically complicated, controversial and at times highly politicized. Thus it is possible to find sociologists miles apart on the question of whether deviant behaviors are on the rise or not. Not surprisingly, how one decides to measure deviance or ignore it, will play a critical role in determining one’s assessment of it. After you’ve read Moynihan’s ‘Defining Deviance Down’ and Karmen’s review of Moynihan’s analysis, examine how the authors stand relative to one another, how they are measuring the levels of deviance in American society, and how concerned they are about it. Be sure to discuss what it might take to settle what appears to be a dispute between the two sociologists. They are in disagreement with one another, aren’t they?And how would you position syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer in this dispute? Essay #3 (500words)Supplementary Forum Four Whither BureaucracyFromthe characteristic features of bureaucracy as identified by Max Weber,what is it about the increasing bureaucratization of modern societiesthat has them so uneasy? What’s the worry anyway?