This is a research paper. You are encouraged to look beyond

This is a research paper. You are encouraged to look beyond the textbook in drawing on historical sources for this paper. You must use and cite at least one primary source in your paper. In general you must use proper citation throughout the paper and include a bibliography.Length: exclusive of any title pages and bibliography the paper must be no less than 3 pages.Throughout thiscourse we have emphasized the need to think critically and avoid the trap ofusing military history as a compilation of “lessons learned” that can beuniformly applied to current operations. Yet, as a military professional youwill be called upon throughout your career to render opinions on current orfuture military topics and make some use of military history in support of yourposition.Your paper willanswer the question that you must resolve before offering those opinions: Whatis the role of history in understanding the military profession? The answer must include at leastthree specific examples that invoke themes in this course (e.g. effect of technology,joint operations ( army, navy, air force, marines), limited/total war, etc.).It is acceptable, and maybe even necessary, to draw into your answer currentand future events that are not covered in the text as needed to show howmilitary history can influence understanding these issues.