This Critical Thinking Assignment focuses on how a product-b

This Critical Thinking Assignment focuses on how a product-based firm can leverage ISO to achieve a competitive advantage. Conduct research and assess one product-based firm.In your essay:Appraise why the leadership team of your selection is using ISO.Discuss how ISO international standardization has been a benefit to your selection.Justify why your selection adopted the ISO 9000.Explain how adopting the ISO 9000 (2000) impacted the performance and productivity of your selection.Predict why adopting the ISO 9000 standard is not the correct approach for all firms.Instructions:Your essay must have an organizational structure that includes a strong title, followed by an introductory paragraph that generates interest and includes a thesis and mapping of what is to come. Each of the following sections, including a conclusion section, should use appropriate APA headings. Make sure that the body sections address each of the previous bullets.Write a 3-4-page paper, not including the required title and reference pages.You must support your analysis with at least two current scholarly references and the course textbook. Sources such as Wikipedia, USA Today, Fox News, or MSNBC News will not be accepted.Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to APA Guidelines.Remember, a product-based business sells a physical, tangible product, while a service-based business sells a service, which has no physical or tangible product.