There are two questions that will need to be answered , plea

There are two questions that will need to be answered , please answer both questions below . Question 1: State Street Bank Steven sold his patented invention, a camera with a strap for carrying it, to various consumers. Because the strap has worn out, consumers have been replacing it. Discuss whether Steven’s invention has been infringed. Question 2: The Carnival Comes To Town The carnival comes to town. Sam is a snake oil (herbal supplement) salesman. He claims that his snake oil will give its user the strength of ten horses. A dumbbell stamped five hundred pounds rests on the ground. He challenges the crowd to try his oil. Sally (who happens to be Sam’s girlfriend) walks up to Sam and tries the oil. To the astonishment of the crowd, Sally then proceeds to hoist the dumbbell over her head. The crowd buys bottles of the oil. People then try to copy what Sally did and much to their disappointment they do not get stronger. Stephen bought the oil. He comes to your office and asks if he has legal recourse against Sam? Please explain?