The Renaissance was a rebirth of ancient classics and ideas

The Renaissance was a rebirth of ancient classics and ideas from what region?China and IndiaRome and GreeceEgypt and Saudi ArabiaNorth and South America1 points  QUESTION 2Artwork from the Northern Renaissance focused on what characteristic, which was different than works produced in Italy during the Renaissance?realism and expressionartists as famous personalitiesreflection of everyday lifeapplication of perspective1 points  QUESTION 3Which Italian Renaissance artist was considered the ideal “Renaissance Man” due to his desire for knowledge, particularly in the fields of science, technology, and art?Leonardo da VinciJohn CalvinAlbrecht DürerShakespeare1 points  QUESTION 4Which German artist from the Northern Renaissance was known for his portraits of self-conscious individualism?Leonardo da VinciMichelangeloAlbrecht DürerShakespeare1 points  QUESTION 5Which artist of the Renaissance was a self-professed sculptor, but was hired to paint the Sistine Chapel, which was a backbreaking task for the artist?Leonardo da VinciMichelangeloAlbrecht DurerShakespeare1 points  QUESTION 6Pope Julius II commissioned Donato Bramante to design which structure in Rome that had been demolished because of deterioration?Hagia SophiaNotre Dame CathedralSaint Peter’s BasilicaSistine Chapel1 points  QUESTION 7Select the English playwright known for writing tragedies such as Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet.Desiderius ErasmusWilliam ShakespeareSir Thomas MoreNiccolo Machiavelli1 points  QUESTION 8The Renaissance, which began in Italy, grew out of a movement known as humanism. Humanism was a movement that centered around which of the following.studies of classics and belief in individual accomplishment, that humans were the center of the universe.movement that centered around the belief in God and his power to heal humans.movement that centered around the study of nature.movement that centered around man’s ability to wage war against his enemies.1 points  QUESTION 9Who borrowed money to create an invention known as the printing press, which he completed in 1450?Albrecht DurerShakespeareJohannes GutenbergLeonardo da Vinci1 points  QUESTION 10Which of the following was an effort by the Catholic Church to counter the Reformation?Council of TrentNinety-Five ThesesAnabaptist MovementCalvinism1 points  QUESTION 11Which of the following was NOT one of the effects of the Reformation efforts?There was a renewed interest in education.Marriages became public affairs, giving more rights to women.Convents were no longer open to Protestant women.The Catholic Church started selling indulgences.1 points  QUESTION 12Who was responsible for posting the Ninety-Five Theses on the front door of a church addressing the how practices of the Catholic Church contradicted the principles of Christianity?John CalvinMartin LutherUlrich ZwingliGirolamo Savonarola1 points  QUESTION 13What were indulgences, as practiced prior to the Reformation?The Catholic Church permitted the eating of meat on Fridays if paid a specific sum of money.The Church allowed only men to eat cake and other sweets, forbidding the luxury to women and children.A religious figure pardoned one’s sins and could reduce the amount of time in purgatory if money was paid to the Church.There was no such practice of selling indulgences.1 points  QUESTION 14Which two key figures of the Reformation were from Switzerland, where Anabaptists were persecuted for their beliefs in adult baptism, the abolition of private property, and the ability to take more than one wife?Martin Luther and John CalvinUlrich Zwingli and Martin LutherJohn Calvin and Ulrich ZwingliUlrich Zwingli and Henry VIII1 points  QUESTION 15Which wife of England’s King Henry VIII produced a daughter named Mary, who later became known as ‘Bloody Mary’ for her persecution of Protestants by burning them at the stake?Catherine of AragonAnne BoleynJane SeymourJoan of Arc1 points  QUESTION 16Which of the following statements is NOT true about John Calvin and his reform efforts?Calvin believed that salvation was a gift from God.Calvinists wore simple black clothes.Calvinist churches did not contain statues, stained glass, or incense.Calvinist churches were filled with music.1 points  QUESTION 17Which of the following is NOT a reason Europeans wanted to explore the unknown?to better their personal situationsfor the growth and prosperity of their countryto obtain religious freedomto give up their land in Europe to Chinese invaders1 points  QUESTION 18Which European nation colonized Brazil, resulting in that being one of the few South American nations to not speak Spanish?EnglandFrancePortugalChina1 points  QUESTION 19Identify the nation that established colonies in Canada consisting of small groups of traders who focused on the trading of fish and fur.EnglandFrancePortugalSpain1 points  QUESTION 20Which nation sent Christopher Columbus to find a route to the West Indies, resulting in his ‘discovery’ of the Americas?PortugalSpainEnglandFrance1 points  QUESTION 21Choose the explorer who left from Spain in 1519 with five ships and a crew of 250 with a goal of circumnavigating the world, but was killed in the Philippines during his journey.Jacques CartierChristopher ColumbusFerdinand MagellanHenry Hudson1 points  QUESTION 22Which explorer sailed for both England and the Netherlands in search of a northwest passage, but instead discovered a river in North America that was named after him?Jacque CartierChristopher ColumbusFerdinand MagellanHenry Hudson1 points  QUESTION 23Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico in 1519 and conquered the Aztecs and Incas. For which country did Cortés travel to the Americas?PortugalSpainEnglandFrance1 points  QUESTION 24Europeans brought sheep, chicken, sugar, coffee, and citrus fruits to the Americas during the Columbian Exchange. They also brought influenza and the common cold, which killed many of the Native Americans.TrueFalse1 points  QUESTION 25As the Europeans explored the Americas, they encountered new plants, animals, and diseases. All of the following plants and animals were new to Europeans EXCEPTcacao (chocolate)pumpkinshorsestobacco1 points  QUESTION 26How did the Columbian Exchange impact the Old and New Worlds?Diets changed as both Europe and the Americas were exposed to new foods.Animals, such as goats, cattle, and horses, faced few predators in the Americas and multiplied rapidly.both a and bnone of the above1 points  QUESTION 27Select the correct statement regarding the slave trade.The Middle Passage was the leg of the triangular trade in which African slaves were transported from Africa to the Americas.African slaves were marched from the interior of Africa to the dungeons located along the coast.African slaves were confined to tight quarters in the slave ships where they were forced to lay in feces and urine for the entire 2 to 4 month journey to the Americas.all of the above1 points  QUESTION 28Which was the first nation to break through in exploration, but was eventually surpassed by other European nations?PortugalSpainEnglandFrance1 points  QUESTION 29The triangular trade took place across the Pacific Ocean, exchanging goods between India, Mexico, and Japan.TrueFalse1 points  QUESTION 30Looking at the map below, identify which explorer left from Portugal, sailed around the southernmost tip of Africa, and established trading centers in India.    Vasco da GamaChristopher ColumbusFerdinand MagellanJacques Cartier1 points  QUESTION 31The Black Death improved the life of ordinary people in Europe who survived, and it contributed to the artistic and intellectual rebirth, or renewal, known as the Renaissance.TrueFalse1 points  QUESTION 32Many people believed the Catholic Church had become too powerful and wealthy, and too involved in political matters, which sparked reformists to rise up and speak out about the abuses.TrueFalse1 points  QUESTION 33William Tyndale was burned at the stake as a heretic for making a copy of the vernacular Bible in Germany and smuggling copies into England.TrueFalse1 points  QUESTION 34King Henry VIII decided to separate England from the Catholic Church because the pope refused to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon, and marry him to Anne Boleyn.TrueFalse1 points  QUESTION 35According to the theory of mercantilism, the colonies provided raw materials and markets for manufactured goods, but this did not create greater wealth for Europe.TrueFalse1 points  QUESTION 36Explain the concept of Renaissance Man. Name at least one Renaissance Man and explain why he was considered such.Path: Path: Path: Path: Path: pWords:0