The overall purpose of this paper is for you to provide brie

The overall purpose of this paper is for you to provide brief explanations of how the behavior is examined, explained, or understood by psychologists, anthropologists and/or sociologists. Your paper should include a minimum of six articles from peer-reviewed journals in the fields of psychology, sociology, and/or anthropology.You will lose points if you include non peer-reviewed sources in your report. In other words, DO NOT INCLUDE magazines or newspaper articles (e.g., Psychology Today), or websites / blogs (e.g., Wikipedia, etc.). Your textbooks may be used as additional sources (not included among your 6).Your paper MUST use citations for all information. You may not use any direct quotations – everything must be in your own words. Information that is not directly quoted must still be cited properly.Format: APALength: 4-5 pages (not including title page or references)Your paper needs to be submitted to Livetext/Turnitin. Your paper will not be accepted if it has a similarity score above 10% on Turnitin.You most use the 6 article only as sources