The Invisible ThreatLearning Objective: Assess risk based on

The Invisible ThreatLearning Objective: Assess risk based on the likelihood of adverse events and the effects on information assets when events occur.Assignment RequirementsWatch the 57-minute video, Cybercrime: The Invisible Threat, from Films on Demand. Take notes during the viewing to identify and assess risks associated with the threats presented in the video.Introduce the term cybercrime and why IT professionals should be concerned about it.Identify the threats/vulnerabilities presented in the video.Discuss if the threats controllable.What part of risk management addresses these threats?Can they be quantified?Should SETA come into play?.Conclude with your recommendation on how your organization can address these risks.Submission RequirementsFormat: Microsoft WordFont: Arial, 12-Point, Double- SpaceCitation Style: APALength: 2–3 pages (plus a cover sheet)Proofread and edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, proper wording, etc.Original work, no plagerism, safe assign will be used