The goal of this discussion forum is to offer you an introdu

The goal of this discussion forum is to offer you an introduction tothe field of cognitive psychology. Cognitive psychology is adiscipline within psychology that is concerned with the scientificstudy of the human mind. The mind is responsible for a variety offunctions and abilities, including perception, attention, consciousness,memory, reasoning, and decision-making. Most of our mental life isunconscious. If the objects of our attention are equated to the objectsof our consciousness, it is reasonable to assume that we are aware ofonly a limited number of events in our daily lives. For your initial post, complete the following steps:Watch the video entitled, The Magic of the Unconscious: Automatic Brain. Select a “hot topic” of cognitive psychology based onwhat you have heard and/or seen in the media and your personalinterests. Look for a report in the media (e.g., newspapers,magazines, web pages of professional organizations, etc.) that refersto the selected topic such as “defendant cannot remember whathappened,” “false memories explain UFO abduction stories,” and soforth.Describe the content of the selected report and offer yourown perspective. Namely, use your critical-thinking skills to examinethe extent to which the claims made in the report and the evidence uponwhich the report relies are to be trusted. Then, discuss the real-lifeconsequences of the evidence reported. In your post, include a link to the selected report, andexplain to the members of the class why you have selected it. Supportyour points with evidence from at least one peer-reviewed researcharticle. Your initial post must be a minimum of 300 words.