Technology changes education

Short Essay. 1-2 pages max. Not too complicated. References.

The point is that I think that onlina education is a good way of studying. 


Postman argues that television technology substantively changes aspects of culture such as news, politics, religion, and education in ways that suit the technology, not the human culture that uses the technology. It is a point others have made as well, though it is still contested by many other philosophers and social critics. One excellent example of technological change is on-line course delivery. While there are some who say that the new medium does not provide an education, others (such as your instructor) believe they can accomplish a better education in some subject areas. What have you noticed? What differences are there in on-line education that are due to the way it is technologically mediated? What differences do they make in the education you are receiving? Do you think this is a better or worse education? Why might your instructor think it can be better (and not just because he manages the class while in his pajamas)?