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SystemsAdministration Scripting LogTo:



As you completeeach of the following steps, keep track of what occurs at each point, includingwhat you type, the output given, and any errors experienced. Submit thisinformation in a log to your instructor for this week’s assignment. Your logcan use the sample format provided, or you can create your own. 1. In the same folder as last week, create a new file titledweek4prog1[name].scr. Answer:2. Change the permissions on this new file to add theexecute bit for user, group, and owner. Answer:3. Run the following script:a. #!/bin/bashb. count=1c. echo ‘start of theprogram’d. while [ $count -le 10 ]e. do1) echo ‘Loop#$count’2) sleep 103) count=$[ count + 1 ]f. doneg. echo ‘end of theprogram4. Modify the program to add a trap for SIGINT and SIGTERM. Answer:5. Save the script and then run the script in thebackground.Answer:6. Use the jobs commandtodisplay a list of the jobs currently running.Answer:7. Find the process id of the script and kill the job.Answer:8. Check to see if you get the trap message.Answer:9. Run the script again using the at command to schedule the job in the future. Waitfor the job to run to make sure it executes.Answer: