Students(individually) must develop and submit an originally

Students(individually) must develop and submit an originally written paper inthe style of a case study in social media marketing. The paper mustbe about a selected non-profit entity and contain a survey ofin-depth research on an issue that is relevant to a main concept inthis course.Theproject will incorporate a specific issue concerning the developmentand implementation of a social media program as an application of thetheory discussed in the reading and discussions. Collection of dataand analysis are major features of these projects.InstructionsSelectan overarching topic in this course where you think you have themost interest from the following list. Your writing will likely bemore focused on a specific sub-topic within one of these maintopics, but this list will help guide you in the beginning. Reviewsamples of case analysis included in the Assignments/Project tab.Forthis project, your topic should come from Chapters 3-8. The followinglist is a suggestion for topics:segmentation,targeting, and positioningsocialidentity and social media usagegroupinfluence in social mediasocialcommunity zonesocialpublishing zonesocialentertainmentsocialcommerceSignup for Case Study Final Project by the due date on the “Case StudyFinal Project: Topic Selection” discussion board by creating athread with your topic in the subject line. The body of the messagein the thread should include the main topic from the list above (oranother approved topic) and the subtopic of interest.Forexample, if student David Campbell would like to write a case studyabout the organization’s current social media efforts within thesocial publishing zone, he would go to the “Case Study FinalProject: Topic Selection” discussion board and create a threadwith the subject line ‘Social publishing zone’. In the body ofthe message to post, student David Campbell would write: DavidCampbell will write a case study about the social publishing zonetopic. Specifically, the focus will be on the contentcharacteristics (e.g. originality and impact of the contribution).Theinstructor will respond to each post to state if the topic isapproved or ask for additional information. No project submissionswill be accepted before they are fully approved, so check back afterposting to confirm that the project was approved.Usingnetnography,research and write a case study. The case study should include briefbackground information and qualitative and/or quantitative data thatis relevant to the assigned entity and topic. The bulk of thewriting should profile a real issue within the context of yourchosen topic from step 1. You will likely have to consult theorganization staff, internal publications, official social mediaaccounts, credible online source, and/or other reliable sources ofinformation to compose your case study.Createthree or more discussion questions at the end that allow the readerto reflect on the concepts in this course that are related to yourtopic. The discussion questions must encourage supported criticalthinking based on the focal concept in your case.Submityour case study through Blackboard by the deadline.