Stress in the workplace, especially duringtimes of organizat

Stress in the workplace, especially duringtimes of organizational change, is common. As more organizations findthemselves in a “Change or Die” situation, the levels of stress are on the rise(Deutschman, 2007).Describe a time when you experienced asignificant change in your life (preferably at your current place of work). Besure to explain the following:What were the reasons for the change?How were the players manipulated, involved in,and/or affected by this change?What (if any) were the leadershipstrategies/theories used to assist with the change? If none were used, whatmight have been applied as a means of smoothing the transition?How long did the complete transition take andwhy?What were the positive and negative results ofthis change?Then, review the attached document titled“Survival Guide for Basic Mistakes” and describe three basic mistakes made byyou, a supervisor, a coworker, or a combination of the three during thedescribed time of change. Offer suggestions from the survival guide as well astheory from the Northouse text for how the change might have gone moresmoothly.Survival_Mistakes.pdf This assignment should range between 3-5 pagesin length and include a cover page and a reference page. Use academic writingstandards and APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate. At leasttwo additional sources beyond the textbook should be used.