Speak and Inspire

Don’t hesitate to start a project  Speak and Inspire for fear of failing or think of quitting as a failure think of it as the cost of succeeding. Set your vision and be willing to do what it takes to get there. The how will unfold in wonderful and amazing ways.When we are young it is easy to believe that we have all the time we need. The future is so far away that it feels like there is no end to it. As we get older the future begins to get shortened and we can begin to see the horizon although it still seems far away. Suddenly we realize that the future isn’t far away and we don’t have as much as we once had.

Waiting until someday leads to disappointment. There isn’t anything wrong with planning for the future but we need to live in the present. If there is something you want to do now is the time. The future may or may not be waiting for you. Don’t put off what you want because you think you have plenty of time. You might but you might not. As the quote reminds us Live each day as if it is your last. One day you will be right.Today is the future you have been waiting for. Don’t put off living until someday. Live today as if your future is not guaranteed because actually it isn’t.


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