SOAP note with template. The SoAP note should be complete ab

SOAP note with template. The SoAP note should be complete about a 54 year old man never diagnosised prior with CHF . Brought in by his wife for shortness of breath. Weight gain of 6lbs duration of 4 days with the last 2 days getting worse. No medications because he has never been ill. He has suffered from headaches from time to time. CC weed eating his yard 4 days ago when he got a tightness in his chest and SOB. Grade rubricComplete Subjective InformationPMH, PSH, FH, ROS completed. Provide complete and concise summary of pertinent information.2Complete Objective InformationComplete physical exam with critical elements related to subjective data.2Perform AssessmentMinimum of 3 differentials supported by S + O data. Final diagnosis noted and optimal and thorough subjective and objective assessment is presented for final diagnosis.2Create a PlanPlan includes pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments as well as education provided. The plan is supported by evidence/guidelines, and the follow-up plans are noted.2Self Assessment & Clinical GuidelinesAnalyze quality and relevance of S + O data and the evidence for diagnosis. Use of clinical evidence based reasoning and literature in designing plan of care, compare to plan of care.2Total:10