So i have to read this article and answer a question and i d

So i have to read this article and answer a question and i do not get it could you help me i will put the article here and the question here.Article-LOS ANGELES — Kids love pizza. But pizza is making kids fat.Children are fatter now then they were in the past. Professors wanted to know why. They wanted to know if pizza is to blame. They looked at pizza because so many kids eat it.Kids Like PizzaThe professors talked to thousands of children. They asked them to make a list of everything they eat and drink in day.Each day, one in five kids eat pizza. The only foods kids like more than pizza are desserts like cake, cookies and doughnuts. Grown-ups eat less pizza than kids.More Fat, More CaloriesOn days when kids eat pizza, they take in more fat than on days when they don’t eat pizza. They take in more salt too. They also take in more calories. Calories are the amount of food or drink people take in. Too many calories make people fat.About 1 out of every 20 calories children eat or drink comes from pizza. On days that kids eat pizza, it’s more. On those days, about 1 in 5 calories come from pizza.Talking To Kids About PizzaKids also ate pizza for breakfast. Other times they ate it between meals. It was a snack. That worried the professors. They said pizza can be bad for children. It can be as bad for them as sugary drinks. They did not say kids should stop eating pizza, though.Doctors should talk to overweight children about pizza, they said.Question-Pick a detail from this article.Explain how it helps you understand the bigger ideas in the article.