Select the scenarios listedbelow and explain the best soluti

Select the scenarios listedbelow and explain the best solution for each. Include comments relatedto any ethical issues that arise. You should try to locate at least onescholarly source or one case that has been decided or is currentlypending to support your answer.Scenario I—Second AmendmentYou accepted a job with Morton PlantHospital located in your city. The hospital is part of the BayCaresystem of for-profit hospitals. The employee handbook prohibitsemployees from possessing firearms on any company property. Morton PlantHospital is located in an area of town that is known for high crimerates, and you work the second shift, which means you will be leavingwork late in the evening. You have a permit to carry a firearm in yourcar and believe the handbook’s provision violates your rights.Summarize your state’s parking lot laws related to firearms.If you challenge youremployer, which party will prevail? Provide arguments for both sides,determine which party wins, and provide support for your decision.Scenario II–First AmendmentSullivan, a student at Shelby County MiddleSchool, learned he received a D in English, which meant he would berequired to attend summer school. While in the school library, Sullivanposted on Facebook that his English teacher should be shot. Sullivanalso posted a cartoon that showed the teacher’s head on a bloody deadbody. Three days later, Sullivan’s mother instructed her son to removethe post. Before the post was removed, a student printed the post andshowed it to the principal, who suspended Sullivan for the last twoweeks of school. Law enforcement was not involved in the situation.Determine whether Sullivan’s statement andthe resulting action by the school violate the First Amendment. Provideat least one case to support your answer. 500 words.