Select five literary theories. Feminist Criticism Form

Select five literary theories. Feminist Criticism Formalism Freudian Criticism Historicism Local Color Writing Marxist Criticism New Criticism Psychological Criticism Reader-Response Criticism Regionalism Create a table, chart, or other appropriate format to present the fundamental concepts of each theory.The presentation should accomplish all of the following:Identify any points that intersect among the theories .For instance, in the case of a female author, Feminist Criticism andBiographical Criticism would most probably have points of intersection.Note specific concepts that set each theory apart from the others. Forinstance, Reader-Response Criticism purposely disregards any factors otherthan the reader’s reactions 3. Include one to two examples of each theory applied to the following selections: By Bret Harte: ‘The Luck of Roaring Camp,’ ‘Miggles,’ and ‘Tennessee Partner.By Sarah Orne Jewett: ‘The White Heron’ and ‘The Foreigner.’ By Kate Chopin: ‘The Storm.’By Mary E. Wilkins Freeman: ‘A New England Nun’ and ‘The Revolt of ‘Mother”By Hamlin Garland: ‘Under the Lion’s Paw.’Be organized, logical and clearly.