Select a research topic:1. Is there a connection between sle

Select a research topic:1. Is there a connection between sleep deprivation and academic performance (orbetween sleep deprivation and other outcomes that might be interesting to you)?2. Is there a connection between exercise and cognitive function (e.g., learning andmemory)? You could focus on older adults if you would like.3. Is there a connection between social media use and behavior (e.g., self-esteem,anxiety, depression, self-identity, interpersonal relationships, etc.)?4. What does research reveal about the validity of eyewitness memory/testimony?5. Is there a relationship between watching violent TV/movies or playing violentvideo games and aggression in children and/or adolescents?Or you may choose your own topic. The topic must be emailed to Professor Lopez nolater than Monday, April 24, 11:59 PM. You must receive approval before you startwriting.#PART A: Find an article Use the instructions below (and explained in class) to find an academic journalwhich directly relates to your research question. This article must be a psychology-related academic, peer-reviewed empirical journal article pertaining to the researchtopic (as explained in class; see slides on “Finding and Reading Research”). Makesure this in not a news article or a website article, as it will not be accepted.Furthermore, make sure this is not a review article. The article you select must bean original study with its own method and results section, not an article thatreviews other research.Go to the Fullerton College Library webpage ( Click onDatabases and go to EBSCOhost.Be sure to select the following three databases from the list of databases:Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, ERIC, PsycARTICLES.Select “full text” and “peer reviewed” journals, set the date range to be 2002-2017 (the last 15 years), and select “Journal Article” under document type.Evaluate your results. Read the titles, abstracts, and skim the Introductionand Discussion sections to determine whether the article will be satisfactory.You may have to go back and change your search terms to yield differentresults. Each student should have a printed copy to read completely. You willturn in your article with your write-up. To receive the 10 points for Part A, list the following details about your article atthe top of the page:Research Topic:Article Title:Article Author(s):Journal Title:Date of publication:PART B: Write-Up Content and Quality (40 points):Next, write the complete answers to the following questions in your own words. Besure to address all parts of each question to receive full credit. Clearly label the fouranswers.1. Summarize the article. What is this specific article about? What is beingstudied specifically? What are the methods (i.e., participants, procedures, andrelevant measures)? What are the results? Describe the majorfindings/relationship(s) between variables. (1-2 pages)2. How does this article relate to the research topic you have chosen?Specifically, what can be taken from this article to support an answer to yourresearch question? Be sure to explain how a specific finding from the articleaddresses this question/topic. Do you think the study does a good jobanswering this question? Why or why not? (1⁄2 – 1 page)3. Why is this research topic an important issue to society and you? In additionto relating this to your own life, what are some real-world implications of thisresearch? How might the findings be applied? What are future directions forthis research? For example, what specific questions remain unanswered thatfuture studies might be able to address? Note: The discussion section is a goodsource for this information. (1 page)4. What does this project/experience contribute to your understanding ofpsychology as a science? For example, comment about how psychologicalscience is based on objective, empirical research studies rooted in thescientific method. Pick out specific details/elements of the study thatillustrate the scientific method and support the fact that psychology is ascience. Review Chapter 1, Section 4 and incorporate some of this informationin your response. (1⁄2 – 1 page)You should be turning in 3-5 pages of written content that answer the questionsspecifically. Create separate sections for each of the four questions.Write-up must be organized, clear, and concise. Please type using 12-point standard(e.g., Times New Roman) font double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Attach the firstpage of the article to the back. Be sure your full name and class are written on thefirst page. All instructions must be followed (including formatting and separatesections for each question).