Section 1: Research ReportImagine you are employed as a seni

Section 1: Research ReportImagine you are employed as a senior software engineer in a company that designs and produces mobile software applications for health-care providers. Your CIO has asked you to research trends in mobile software development so that your organization is prepared for the next wave of software innovation. The focus of your efforts will be on deciding whether to utilize the Android, iOS, or Microsoft tablet development approach while keeping in mind that you need to make a recommendation that will allow your company to launch its product to customers in 90 days or less using an agile methodological approach. Your research must consider all three (3) platforms with a recommended course of action on one. Write a six (6) page paper in which you:Identify trends in mobile software development and explain why they are relevant to the scenario described above. Explain how the different mobile platform will affect the different phases of requirements, design, development, and deployment of the mobile software product.Make a recommendation on which mobile platform to use and justify the recommendation.Describe the agile methodological approach that you would implement to bring the product to the market in 90 days or less.Propose a testing plan to ensure that the developed product is both valid and verifiable.