Section 1: Project Quality Based on the model you chose (Agi

Section 1: Project Quality Based on the model you chose (Agile), determine the various projectmilestones that are within the project. Describe the review process thatwill take place at each of these milestones, such as the following:At the end of project planning, the charter, project plan, and schedule will be reviewed and approved.Atthe end of the requirements phase, all requirements and early designdocuments will be reviewed and approved by a specific person and with aspecific focus.There should be at least 8–10 minor and major milestones (could be a document sign-off, to a phase-end).Feelfree to create a table of these things, and if necessary, map it to thegovernance needed and the project management activities.You can do this with a table or a diagram, and put some comments after it describing the key points.This entire section should be very usable. Long paragraphs are not needed. A table or a diagram is more appropriate. Section 2: Product QualityIntroduction: Describe the type of product testing that will take place forthis project at a summary level in the opening paragraph of thissection. Phases of testing: In the next section, indicate the phases of testing that willtake place. Identify the deliverables and approvals that will need to bedelivered.Include (at a minimum) the following:UnitIntegrationSystemAcceptancePerformance or usability Describeeach type of testing within 2–3 sentences each. Include the goalof each phase of testing, as well as the roles involved.This is an actionable document that a lot of people will use. Present this information in an easy-to-read format, such as a table.