Science Project : Coco-Nutty Music Directions in the link for project

Submit Final Project.

Your course objective states: consideration is given to helping the student organize curriculum materials and gain proficiency in presenting science to students. Your final project will be a hands-on project that must include all steps of the scientific inquiry process.  

All projects will be due by October 11, 2019, with no exceptions.  Remember to include a header at the top of your assignment. I have uploaded sample project choices, or you may use your own.  They are as follows: 

 Coco-Nutty Music

Your projects will be submitted as a word document instead of a video project.  The word document should be double-spaced and should include a header, ie, your name, class, and assignment and should be at least 2 pages or more.  Your project report will include:

Introduction – Purpose of the project

Background – Should include scientific terms, definitions, and other pertinent scientific information as it relates to your project

Procedures and Data

Results and Conclusions and include your project predictions


Include pictures of you completing your project and/ or diagrams for creativity in your reports.  The project rubric is attached. 

Project Source: