Scenario: a new hospital establishing their network environm

Scenario: a new hospital establishing their network environment and request a security policy proposal for the organization.Deliverable: Prepare a well-written security policy proposal for your organization.Make sure that your proposal includes the basic elements of a good security policy including:Introduction describing your organization and describing its mission, products/services, technical resources, and technical strategyAnalysis of the organization’s relationships to its clients/customers, staff, management, and owners or other stakeholdersA vulnerability assessment based on the technical resources.Your recommendation, including:Proposed remedial measures ( these include firewall/gateway provisions, authentication and authorization, encryption systems, intrusion detection, virus detection, incident reporting, education/training, etc.Proposed code of ethics or code of practice to be applied within the organizationLegal/compliance requirements and description of how they will be metProposed security policy statement/summaryNote: The paper should be at least 3-5 pages in length.