Sales promotion

Identify and post an image of a sales promotion in your local area or online. Assume the role of a brand manager and in your discussion post,

1. Describe the target audience (i.e., consumer promotion or business customer)-this includes demographics, psychographics, and behavioral characteristics

2. The promotional objective(s), and the promotional tool.

3. Discuss whether or not the short-term sales offer “rises above” the promotional clutter?

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You see them everywhere! Short-term sales incentives are used to encourage the purchase of a product or service. Let’s see what creative, interesting, effective, or just simply off-the-wall sales promotions are observed in the market. Then, try your hand at B-to-B sales…and create a pitch to showcase your peer’s brand in an upcoming Super Bowl commercial.

Writing about sales promotion is a good way to train yourself and better prepare for your future career. Your discussion must be cogent and demonstrate a great deal of content mastery. Also, you must back up your work with scholarly sources cited in APA format. Your discussion must also demonstrate an undergraduate level of scholarship, with few grammar and mechanics issues.

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