Risk Management Dashboard

A Dashboard is a visual analysis tool that presents information and allows the user to interface with added data. Use Google Images to view the different Risk Management components in a Dashboard.Develop a simple Dashboard for Mrs. Bee’s Popcorn Company with 4 to 6 metric devices. Mrs. Bee’s specializes in custom popcorn mixes, party gifts and tins, and monogramed memorabilia containers.This does not have to be a working Dashboard, only a mockup of what you might expect. Use your own data for the headings provided below.The Dashboard could include:The number of employees and their wages, the volume sold daily, weekly, and year to date (YTD)The cost of itemized products, the fixed costs (rent, electricity, etc.)The inclusion of events and holidays, a key risk chart, an impact/probability chartA transaction bar line or bar graph by time of day or day of weekAdditional measurable aspects that would impact the profits, losses, and operations of the business.