Review your thesis and topic sentences, and then find 5 quot

Review your thesis and topic sentences, and then find 5 quotations to support EACH topic sentence before completing the following assignment:Thesis Statement: Grief is the most painful experience for an individual to undergo after the loss of a spouse; and the various tactics used by both men and women to respond to the pain of losing a loved one portray some similarities but in many cases significantly differ from one another. TOPIC SEN. 1:Grief is a concept that psychologists have tried to explain over the years.TOPIC SEN. 2:Disparities have been discovered in the way men and women grief.TOPIC SEN. 3:Furthermore, it has been proved that even the teenagers grief the same way adults grief loss of loved one.TOPIC SEN. 4:Men usually disguise their grief emotions and let it burn them inside believing they can handle it on their own.TOPICS SEN. 5:Women are more social and express their inner feelings making the grieving period shorter.TOPIC SEN. 6:Regardless of the disparity, grieving person should be given the much needed support to see them through the grieving period.TOPIC SEN. 7:Counselling has been identified as core therapy to grieving persons.