Review the following topics: •What are the various trends

Review the following topics: •What are the various trends (past, present, and future) which impact the development and operation of policing? How do past and current trends help policing organizations plan and forecast for future trends? What would happen if policing organizations failed to successfully analyze and plan for the future based on past and present trends? •What are the prevailing theories of crime control as it is applies to policing? How do these theories impact the actual implication of policing by criminal justice professionals? How does criminal justice research data support the direct correlation of theories of crime control and the application of crime control? Explain. In five different paragraphs (100 words minimum for each paragraph) defend or oppose the previous questions/statements and crime control and Due Process are oppositional and a reason police violence against the public is increasing. Include a citation with a reference in each paragraph for a total of five different citations and five different references.