Review pp. 155-162 in the course text, Environmental Science

Review pp. 155-162 in the course text, Environmental Science: A Study of Interrelationships, regarding Developed Nations and Less-Developed Nations.Consider the differences in population,population-limiting factors (such as availability of food and water),and population policies of DNs and LDNs.Reflect on the possible futures of nations that donot succeed at limiting population growth, and the impact that will haveon the world at large.The Assignment:Compare one DN of your choice with one LDN of your choice, and compose a 2-page essay in which you do the following:Discuss the economic, social, and cultural reasons for differences between the population densities in these two regions.Evaluate the policies of the DN with those of the LDN you chose as they relate to reducing the population/fertility rates.Explain how the two nations you researched are attempting to reduce their population/fertility rates.