Research the costs, financial statements, cash flow, and ris

Research the costs, financial statements, cash flow, and risks ofyour chosen project. Based on your research and the knowledge you havegained from the course, create a simplified 4- to 5-page financial planincluding tables and charts. For the financial plan:Estimatethe capital requirements, use of capital, start-up requirements (ifapplicable), and other probable costs involved in the implementation andsubsequent operation of your project.Identify the sources of financing.Define a payback period.Prepare cash flow projections.Preparea projected balance sheet representing the end of the first calendaryear of operations and defining assets and liabilities, both current andlong term.Prepare income statement projections for the end ofthe first calendar year of operations, including charts showing grossrevenues, gross profit, and net income.Define the meaning of a break-even analysis and prepare an analysis appropriate for your project.Preparea ratio analysis, including the definition and value of the followingratios (whichever applicable)—current, quick, debt, debt-to-equity,average inventory turnover, receivables turnover, payables turnover, netsales to working capital, net profit to sales, and net profit toequity.Prepare a list of possible risks associated with theimplementation and future operation of your project and describe thesignificance of each of them.