Research shows most teens do not get enough sleep. This is o

Research shows most teens do not get enough sleep. This is often due to overcrowded schedules, caffeinated drinks, procrastination, and using electronic media like computers and cell phones late into the night. While many of the aforementioned causes arguably have tangible solutions, many experts argue that biology is actually at the root of the teen sleep problem. There is increasing evidence suggesting that teens perform better academically in the afternoon because of their body clock. Experts who support this view also believe that absenteeism and depression would decrease if demanding academics were later in the day. Sleep deprivation in teens is a growing concern for educators and parents (Walstorm, 2002).Briefly describe the key issue in adolescent sleep research you selected. Then suggest one solution that may remedy the issue you selected.  How does your learning this week relate to your own sleep experiences? What are your thoughts on sleep as a state of consciousness?Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.Please I need at least 2 paragraph , make sure read assignment and meet requirements!! Thank you