Research Question & Working Thesis Statement [Please read ca

Research Question & Working Thesis Statement [Please read carefully]For this submission, you simply need to decide upon a Research Question from which you will begin to explore material for your Research Paper. I realize that many of you have yet to read, fully, all of the assigned readings, and this is a time where reading ahead certainly helps!First step: choose a topic area from one or more of the assigned readings for this term. For example, let’s take a look at the stereotypes found in The Absolutely True Diary.Second step: begin to explore how stereotypes function within this novel and use evidence to support this reading. You DO NOT need to submit this, but doing this step will help you solidify a solid research base. Third step: write a question to investigate, specifically, how these stereotypes are working within the novel.If your research question has been thoughtful, you will find that your thesis statement will easily develop, which, in turn, will guide your research.From here, you can simply ask the more generalized who, what, when, where, and how figure significantly in the novel for your chosen topic area.Some areas to consider:Is your research question manageable? Is it too narrow or too large in scope?Is this a possible research question to research given the time constraints?Are you able to access the resources necessary to complete such a task?The trick to being successful with the Research Paper Proposal is to prepare in advance! So doing this step will enable you to think through and avoid some of the typical pitfalls. So what do you need to submit?You need to submit your 1) Research Question and 2) your Working Thesis Statement. Yes, the latter might need to be tweaked as your research and writing advances, and this is expected, but the “Working” Thesis Statement guides—limits the scope and direction—of your Research Paper.