Research Question How is humbly inquiry work in activities o

Research Question How is humbly inquiry work in activities of Leadership?Scholarly Paper: Using the Rost (1991) definition of leadership, identify one aspect of leadership of the Rost discussion of leadership that is related to the interactive communication skills discussed in books. Write a 7 page Scholarly Paper that gives an overview of how and why dialogue is an important aspect of some part(s) of the Rost (1991) definition of leadership. Include 5-7 very brief direct quotes. Remember that direct quotes require quotation marks and page numbers. The rest of the literature review section of your paper should include paraphrasing of the authors being reviewed. The total of 7 pages should follow this outline: a.)Two paragraphs of Introduction that explains why leaders should care about your topic;b.)One paragraph to frame a Research Question; How is humbly inquiry work in activities of Leadership?c.)Four pages of Literature Review, with sub-topics, and referring to the seven sources. Begin with the Rost (1991) definition of leadership. Make sure you are using the authors to review the literature, not the other way around. Divide this section into sub-headings based on your topic. This is where you introduce material that you will discuss in the next section;d.)Three pages entitled Propositions & Discussion, with three sections, each section beginning with a proposition (proposed answer to your research question, as stated earlier) followed by personal discussion of each proposition. This is where you use your own analysis (but without using first or second person language) to answer your research question and discuss how the topic you selected is consistent with your leadership definition; ande.)One paragraph of Conclusion, re-stating why your topic is important to leadership. f.)References. Page count does not include title page or reference list. Follow APA writing guidelines carefully. Make sure that you define your major concepts throughout the paper, especially leadership and dilaogue. Use the above description of this assignment to create an explicit outline. Make sure you are using APA headings and sub-headings for each section of your paper.