Research project no more than 10 – 13 pages.Main Topic: Mana

Research project no more than 10 – 13 pages.Main Topic: Management of Teen Pregnancy with autism.Directions:Justification:1- Hypothesis to be verified2- Why is interesting or necessary realize this study (havingobjectives and questions about the topic).3- Relevant information related to the topic and methodologyused In the study.4- No less than 15 references and recommendations5- Utility of results obtained from the study (importance).- if there is any importance of the study please describe therisks for the participants and control systems used.- Type if Design used: ex: Observational, random etc(explain)- Description of the treatments or interventions used in thestudy.- Criteria of inclusion and exclusion of the participants inthe study.- Which are the measures variables of the participants(primary, being principal objectives), and secondary.- Sizes of the groups projected and justification used in thestudy.- Centers intended to be used in the study.- Statistics techniques used for design and analysis of theresults.