Reply to this post in 100 words or more. MAGIC AND THE ORIGI

Reply to this post in 100 words or more. MAGIC AND THE ORIGINS OF MODERN SCIENCE DISCUSSION TWOIn many cultures, magic was a tradition that was practiced and different cultures have different forms of magic. For example, the magic of Alchemy was a philosophical and proto-scientific tradition and it was practiced in Asia, Europe and Egypt. This type of magic was aimed at purifying and bringing the best out of certain objects. The magicians believed that they could transform base metals such as lead and purify them into gold. Not only did they believe that they could purify object, but also they could purify the body of human beings. This therefore, led to them finding medicine to diseases in order to purify the body of the sick individuals.It is important to note that anything strange was considered magic as it was not normal. Through this forms of beliefs of magic, modern science was born. For example to purify base metals into something valuable as gold, started as a form of magic and today it is science. In order to attain gold metal ores go through purification to find the pure gold. Through magic, modern medicine was developed to find solutions to the diseases that affect the human body. What modern science has done is to add facts into the beliefs that magic tradition had. For the magicians it was like a religion, they only believed and did not ask questions, they only believed that it will happen as they wished. Modern science on the other hand, focused on finding facts and increase accuracy of the undertakings (Smith, 2016). ReferencesSmith, P. H. (2016). The business of alchemy: Science and culture in the Holy Roman Empire. Princeton University Press. Shapin, S. (2008). Chapter one: What was known? In The Scientific Revolution. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. Retrieved from….